Considering A New Look? Here are 5 Fall Hair Trends to Try

Fall is here and so are the fabulous hairstyles that go with it. Follow our guide and look great in whichever style you choose.

The Bob



All of those pixie cuts that were popular last fall are nearly gone; Hollywood IT girls are growing their short styles out. To grow yours out gracefully and avoid the dreaded mullet, get trims every one to three months (depending on how fast your hair grows), and let your bangs grow longer while shortening the back until the front layers reach your chin. From that length you have more options for when you’re ready to reshape your hair into a bob style. Try a blunt cut for straight hair, an asymmetrical cut if you want something funky, a tapered back cut of you are growing your hair out, or short tousled layers for thicker hair.

Brunette Beauty


Get rid of your blonde and honey-hued highlights for fall and opt for a rich brunette color with red, copper, and gold undertones.

To transition into a richer autumn shade, consider skin tone, your natural hair color underneath any dyes you may already have, and a warm brown shade to brighten and compliment your eye color.

To keep the color from looking flat, have your hairdresser add highlights and lowlights, concentrating on the bottom layers. Remember, a change of shampoo may also be needed to keep the color vibrant and your hair healthy.

Center Parting


Center parts were big on the runways, and we’re seeing the trend do a complete take over in the world of hairstyling. They are best left for oval or long face shapes, and should be avoided for rounder faces (they will make your face look bigger). If you don’t want to take this look all the way you can also create an off-center part, which will have a similar effect, or part only the front of your hair to keep it looking less severe.

To prevent the look from falling flat, lift your roots a little bit as you blow dry your hair.

1960s-Inspired Hair


Side swept bangs, sleek hair, volume at the crown, deep side parts, and light teasing bring the subtle 1960s glamour back. Accessorize with bobby-pins, hair ties, ribbons, and even headbands to accentuate the look and feel.

The Lob

Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood 2012 Style Issue Event - Arrivals

If you’re having trouble deciding to ditch your long layers, consider this: the lob was declared the haircut to get for fall. This tousled, grown-out look is one of the coolest. It’s also easy to transition back to longer hair, and the length still gives you plenty of styling options.

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