Each to Their Own When it comes to Oscar Acceptance Speeches

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The Oscars, as well as other famous award shows such as the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, and MTV Music Awards, are well known for many things including elegant gowns, fabulous jewelry, extravagant hair styles, lavish gift bags, and the much awaited big winners. However, a key element of all of these events, especially the Oscars, which is the king of all award shows, is the infamous acceptance speeches. Those are the dreaded/eagerly-anticipated words every nominee must prepare and hopes to use, yet when faced before all of those people and cameras can become quite terrifying. Add the time factor to the equation (every actor is allowed 45 seconds to speak) and you have got yourself one nervous wreck of an Oscar winner. That is why over time the many lucky winners have stuttered, cried, remained speechless, thanked the wrong individuals first, forgotten to thank important people (like their producers or spouses), went overtime, or expressed their appreciation in some unplanned, unconventional, and rather surprising way. Here is a look at some of the entities mentioned in acceptance speeches and the order in which they are listed.

Thanking the Industry

The entity most Oscar winners choose to thank is the industry, but it is more often than not the fourth person or persons mentioned. Rarely is it first or second, but sometimes it is third, and at times, even the fifth.

Other Entities

Interestingly enough, after the industry, many actors choose to thank an extra entity in addition to the typical ones. This is also often a fourth mention but sometimes comes as the third, second, fourth, and first respectively.

Producers, Co-Stars, and Directors

The mentioning of producers, co-stars, and directors usually comes to mind when accepting an award, but for the most part these are fourth choices.

Family and Cast and Crew

Those who choose to mention family do not always mention them first. In fact, they mostly come up fourth, even fifth, but sometimes second, first, or third. Cast and crew are hardly mentioned first, generally third or second and sometimes last.

The Academy

This entity should come first as the vast majority of those who mention it, mention it first! However, far less individuals mention the Academy altogether. If not mentioned first, it is mentioned last, second, third, or fourth.

Spouses and Children

Spouses and children are most often mentioned fourth. Spouses are sometimes mentioned last, third, second, or first, but children are never mentioned first, second or third. Only fourth or last.

Writers, Nominees, and Roles Portrayed

It is quite funny, but writers are most often mentioned fourth, and never last. Nominees on the other hand if mentioned are mentioned second and roles portrayed are also usually given fourth place.


God and Hollywood don’t really seem to go together and that is why God is not thanked very often. When He is, He’s either the first, fourth, or fifth entity to be mentioned.

There you have it. The people the bewildered Oscar winners end up thanking and the order in which they thank them. Was this the original intention? We will never know. Stage fright (as ironic as that sounds), nerves, being caught off guard, and other factors cause actors to mess up the order, forget to mention people altogether, or thank someone that is not very relevant. Either way, these speeches are always entertaining and fun to watch.

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