The Eternal Beauty of Real Pearl Necklace Designs

Pearls have been acknowledged for centuries as amongst the most coveted of gemstones. What makes it even more exotic in many respects from other popular gemstones is the fact that pearls are the only gemstone to emanate from a living organism. As well as their luster and unique beauty, this gives them a different type of allure and cache that differentiates pearls from the “crowd.”

Given the rarity of pearls and the fact that they are sourced not from nature that is millions of years old but rather from a living and breathing piece of nature, it is no wonder that sourcing enough pearls to fill a necklace is no easy task. Depending on the style of necklace, the pearls should be of uniform size and uniform quality, luster, and overall quality so that the necklace is consistent in its design and character. Given that pearls are not an item that can be ordered en masse according to a homogenous pattern, this is no easy task.

Which brings us to real pearl necklace designs – those created by designers and artisans with an intimate knowledge of how to best use pearls to create jewelry that transcends the every day and will radiate eternal beauty irrespective of trends. This is where the beauty of a pearl is best emphasized for maximum effect. It is the ultimate combination of the best that Mother Nature can create coupled with the imagination that people can embellish upon nature.

Pearls and their Necklaces

Baroque pearls, those of non-spherical shape, are easier to create into a necklace as they are often larger than other types of pearls, thereby requiring less pieces to complete a necklace. Also, due to the fact that their lack of uniformity is what makes them special, there is less of a need to search for pearls of similar size to complete a necklace. This in no way diminishes from the beauty of a baroque pearl necklace.

Cultured pearls are more common than natural pearls. They need not be of lesser quality but they are more likely than natural pearls to have undergone treatments that diminish their value.

Saltwater pearls are usually substantially larger than freshwater pearls, thereby requiring less of them to make a necklace. The larger saltwater pearls give a necklace a different look to that of many small freshwater pearls.

Irrespective of the type of pearl used to manufacture the necklace, the design of the necklace and the ability to access premium raw material will ultimately determine the beauty and value of the necklace.

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