The Exotic Beauty of a Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Black is beautiful – three simple words, one eternal concept.

The “little black dress” has been the wardrobe staple of countless women for decades. Its classical elegance has withstood the test of time and notwithstanding that every season there is a color that claims to be the “new black,” black is always “the” color against which others are compared. It augurs the question as to why this is the case. Is it because it suits every woman irrespective of skin color? Is it because it is slimming, exotic, and classical? Or is it simply because it doesn’t stain easily? No doubt it is a combination of all these factors.

However, it’s not only the little black dress that holds a place in the hearts of all women, black pearls have been coveted for centuries and make the perfect jewelry accessory.

The Black Pearl

Mention “The Black Pearl” to most sport-loving men and the name of the legendary Brazilian soccer player, Pele, will instantly spring to mind. His skill, beauty of movement, and value to his team resulted in him being given the moniker of the most precious of gems – the black pearl. And what makes black pearl so special?

Black pearls are often also referred to as Tahitian Pearls as they emanate from the waters around French Polynesia and its main archipelago, Tahiti. The pearls may not actually be black in color but, due to their darker hues, they are often referred to as “black pearls.” The “black” color may have tinges of blue, yellow, green, silver or pink, or combinations of these colors.

Tahitian pearls, especially the cultured variety, come in different shapes and sizes, including baroque, round, oval, button-shaped, teardrop, and permutations of these shapes.

Buyer Beware

Freshwater pearls are those that come from freshwater bodies such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. Black pearls emanate from salt water pearls. Consequently, the only black freshwater pearls are those that may have been dyed, and when it comes to almost any form of precious gemstone, we know that natural is best. So, if someone is trying to sell you a black freshwater pearl necklace, be very wary.

Black pearls are rare, and given the fact that pearls are the only precious gem to emanate from a living organism – in this case, the black lip oyster, no two black pearls are the same. Consequently, finding a sufficient quantity of black pearls that are of similar size, shape, and quality to make a black pearl necklace can literally take years.

The rarity of black pearls coupled with their beauty ensures that they are constantly in demand. Black is a color that provides perfect contrast to so many other colors as well as providing a touch of glamor all on its own. A black pearl necklace is the ultimate expression of the brilliance of pearls, their allure and brilliance.


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