Exotic South Sea Pearl Earrings

The South Sea – sounds exotic, is exotic. You picture crystal clear waters, palm trees, and vast expanses of powdery white sand. In fact, the South Sea is designated as the area of the ocean between the north edge of Australia and the southern edge of China and includes pearls from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Given that the South Seas is a saltwater body, all South Sea pearls are saltwater pearls, although they may be natural or cultured.

Big Oysters, Big Pearls

South Sea Pearls are among the largest of pearls, ranging in size from 9-20mm, with an average size of 13mm. Their size is not surprising when you consider that they emanate from the Pinctada maxima, an oyster that grows up to 12 inches in diameter, and consequently can be nucleated with a much larger bead than other saltwater oysters. The warm, nutrient-rich waters of the South Seas provide the perfect environment for these oysters.

Although South Sea Pearls are associated with and coveted for their large size, there are also South Sea Keshi Pearls which are of smaller size.

The silver-lipped and the gold-lippedPinctada maxima have a beautiful mother of pearl nacre which results in beautifully colored pearls. South Sea Pearls are usually white, cream, or golden colored.

South Sea Pearl Jewelry

South Sea Pearl jewelry is in great demand as its makes it the perfect highlight for statement pieces. For times when you want to wear more classical and demure clothing but rather yet your accessories do the talking, you can’t go past South Sea Pearl jewelry. Its size will mean that it will never go unnoticed and its color palette means that it will match virtually everything.

South Sea Pearl earrings will have a different effect depending on their style. South Sea studs will make a classy yet bold statement, South Sea drops will show off the pearls to great effect, and if worn with your hair up will make a truly dramatic proclamation, yet a pair of South Sea chandeliers will be the ultimate in glamour and extravagance. However, one thing in common with all these styles is that the pearl matches every skin tone, eye color, and outfit.

Be it a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings containing South Sea Pearls, the piece is sure to make an impact. The luster of the finest South Sea Pearls is something to behold, and there is a reason why they have been coveted for centuries the world over.


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