Fall 2014 Jewelry Trends – Plucked From the Runway

By Simona Kogan fashion blogger (www.secondcitystyle.com) who has written for Time Out Israel, FashionTV and more.


Fall 2014 is all about big and bold statement pieces – that is, if the jewelry on the runways have anything to say about it. From enlarged hoops from Balmain to bold cuffs at Givenchy, here are the jewels that stick out for the fall season.

Balmain’s Oversize Creole Hoops


Rihanna and Iman wearing Balmain oversized hoops and clothing

Fall 2014 seems to make the case that bigger is better. We already saw a preview with Chanel’s exaggerated trompe d’loeil pearl necklaces in Spring/Summer 2014 and now, here come Balmain’s Creole hoops.  These hoops provide the perfect tribal motifs for the urban set.


Dolce & Gabbana’s Crystal Flower Necklaces



Sicily comes to life in an enchanted fairy tale kind of way complete with enlarged crystal flowers on many a model’s neckline. These floral statement pieces truly stole the show.


Lanvin’s Bold Cuffs

lanvin cuff


Nothing says tough like a powerful statement cuff. Ironically, the toughest cuff took its spot on the wrist of a Lanvin girl and that made the most powerful statement of all.  The Lanvin girl, undeniably feminine, has suddenly turned fierce.


Celine’s & Louis Vuitton’s Single Earring

celin earring

Celin on the left; Louis Vuitton on the right

Trend alert! Single earrings are not just for feathers anymore. They have officially made their appearance in more than one runway show. At Celine, the bold earring went against the minimalistic coats. At Louis Vuitton they further enhanced the already bold and daring ensembles. .


Isabel Marant’s Bandana Necklace



Here’s a new twist on the classic hair accessory and neck decoration.   The bandanas found at Isabel Marant’s show this season continued the fringe trend of Fall ’14 and came in a chain effect.


Nina Ricci’s Multiple Ring Set



Multiple rings appeared at Proenza Schouler but it was Nina Ricci that made a statement with dark rings on every finger. Even in black, Nina’s Ricci’s multiple rings trend stole the show.

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