Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Bracelets are an item of jewelry that garner a lot of attention. Given the fact that they are worn on the wrist, and hands are almost always in motion, they tend to attract the eye. Gold and silver are common materials used in the manufacture of bracelets, pearl bracelets are much rarer – and for good reason.

A freshwater pearl bracelet can contain anywhere between 8-25 freshwater pearls. Raised predominantly in China, Freshwater Pearls come in various shapes and range in size from 2-10mm, with the larger pearls being rather rare. Consequently, freshwater pearl bracelets utilizing bigger pearls are difficult to find as it is hard to source large freshwater pearls of consistent size, color, and quality to make a bracelet. In contrast, freshwater pearl bracelets made of smaller sized pearls need a higher number of smaller stones of consistent size, color, and quality to make a bracelet. Same, same, different.

It is for these reasons that quality freshwater pearl bracelets are not exactly on the cheap end of the jewelry scale. Not to detract from the work of jewelers working with precious metals, it is never a problem to source the raw material and then it is just a matter of creating thje design to the required length.

A pearl bracelet can take an inordinate amount of time to create because sourcing the pearls to suit not only the design of the bracelet but also the other pearls can be a very frustrating pursuit. It is definitely not a matter of taking a gold bar, melting it down, and starting to work with it.

You now have an idea as to why you don’t see pearl bracelets gracing the wrists of every second person on the street – there simply wouldn’t be enough quality freshwater pearls to go around.

So, if you’re not a run of the mill woman, not a lady who runs with the crowd and wears a piece of jewelry for the sake of wearing a piece of jewelry, a freshwater pearl bracelet may be just the thing for you.

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