Get Your Inspiration from Designer Inspired Jewelry

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself, “I’ve just got to have that.” Chances are that what you were looking at was a piece of art – not necessarily a painting or a sculpture but perhaps a beautiful garment, a stunning handbag, or a magnificent piece of jewelry.

Jewelry, in particular, tends to be a particular weakness of the fairer sex. Made of precious metal and often encrusted with colorful and sparkling gemstones of great value, designer jewelry is not a seasonal trend nor is it something that declines in value; actually, on the contrary, unique design jewelry often appreciates in value over time. And why do you think this is the case? To put it simply, it’s because the work is inspired – inspired from a source above that of the designer. In fact, it’s possible to say that the best jewelry designs may be created by a jeweler but only insofar as they are acting as a conduit for a higher source.

A Meeting of Minds

So what happens when you see that incredible piece of designer jewelry? The inspiration of the designer inspires you. It brings you to a higher plane. You may not be able to create an item of such beauty but that doesn’t mean that you can’t possess it; and by merely owning and wearing it, it transforms you. It transforms you because most people don’t have the ability to create a piece of jewelry that transcends its physical state; however, even fewer people will ever get to own such a piece or perhaps even appreciate it.

Consequently, owning a quality piece of designer jewelry places you on a similar level to the inspired jewelry designer, for what is an inanimate object, no matter how beautiful, unless it has someone to bring it to life. And wearing something is a way of imbuing it with physical characteristics such as movement, reflection, and fluidity.

The relationship between designer and patron is a reciprocal one. The designer has divine inspiration, the finished item touches a place deep inside the person to whom it appeals. Their purchase of the item reverberates back to the designer planting the seed for further design inspiration. This to and fro between artist and patron feeds off each other helping lift each party to a higher level. After all, that is what great, inspired design is all about.

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