Hot Trends from the New York Fashion Week – Fall 2014

By: Cissy Zhang, fashion blogger

Fall is a season that is hard to dress for. Too hot for a fur coat, too cold for a mini dress. There needs to be a balance of luxury and simplicity when dressing for fall. NY Fashion Week featured gorgeous outfits that did just this. The runway was full of black and white pieces perfect for keeping warm but looking sharp on a chilly day. Whoever said that black and white is dull was wrong. Chic black and white coats stormed the scene. They came from Ralph Lauren, Zimmerman and many more. Pair these coats with white tailored pants and an over-sized clutch and you are set for any event and any weather.


Ralph Lauren and Zimmermann runway shows at NY Fall 2014 Fashion Week

I am sure many ladies will take a leaf (or a coat) out of these runway shows to prepare for the unpredictable season ahead. A white scarf around an over-sized coat will look twice as cosy as it feels. And I assure you it will feel cosy. You can do so much with a scarf. The texture, color and feel of every scarf is different and can really enhance an outfit.

The accessory choices were bold but classic. Red and gold were the favored jewelry colors this fall as they are classy but can still evoke a daring look. They are the perfect colors to add to an all-black outfit. A pair of red earrings can bring a hint of excitement to any look. A touch of red can go such a long way, especially when matched with bold browns. Gold accessories are also a long time favorite of mine. Anything from a solid gold clutch to a masquerade gold mask to a gold chain necklace will get me excited. If you don’t want to stand out too much in a crowd of black and grey, a gold statement accessory can give you the hint of glamor you need.


Carolina Herrera and Adeam runway shows at NY Fall 2014 Fashion Week   

Another one of my favorite trends set to last are pale pink pieces. They feel feminine, modern and very chic. From a cameo pink woolen coat to a baby pink A-line skirt, I guarantee you cannot go wrong. There is sometime so delicate and light about a simple pink and white outfit that will make you look effortlessly stylish. Match with pearl earrings or a pearl necklace to make the look go that little bit extra.


BCBG and Adeam runway shows at NY Fall 2014 Fashion Week



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