Picking the Perfect Earring – The Full Guide

Earrings are the perfect complement to a woman’s beautiful smile.  Yet selecting the perfect pair of earrings can be a daunting task for many woman.  So many lovely pairs to choose from!

At Yvel, we believe earrings are best selected using the following criteria:

  • Face shape
  • Hair style
  • Fashion personality


Match Your Face Shape

In the salon world, ladies’ faces are categorized by shape – oblong, oval, round, heart-shaped, square, rectangular, diamond, triangular, etc.  These shapes help determine the most flattering hair styles, as well as the most flattering earring styles.

Longer face shapes like the oblong, oval, rectangular or inverted triangle faces, which have a longer distance from forehead to chin, often look best with lengthy drop or dangle earrings. Using a long drop earring accents the shape of the face, as opposed to working against it, thereby creating a more flattering overall look.  Don’t be afraid to be bold – go for shoulder dusters and oversized hoops or chandelier styles with more linear designs.

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Shorter face shapes like round and triangle faces tend to look better with button or short drop earrings.  Perhaps a single baroque pearl clip or a small stone drop, maybe even a medium sized hoop earring.  Ladies with more petite face shapes should make sure the earring does not drop below the chin.  Keeping the earring short and high flatters the face and brings attention up to the face as the lady is talking.  Only use petite chandelier styles for shorter faces.

e-20-gold-y m-126200 a2 e-3-hk-y m-3079 a2 Wider face shapes like the diamond, triangle, square and inverted triangle often have prominent cheek bones, which lead the eye up naturally toward the eyes and ears.  These ladies can get by with statement earrings – large chandeliers, oversized hoops or wider drop styles.

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Complement Your Hair Style

Shorter hair styles typically call for shorter styles in earrings – small to medium hoops, buttons or studs, single drops, etc.  However, be sure to go for bolder styles if your face shape is wider and more petite styles if your face shape is round.

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Longer hair styles almost always call for length and bolder statements, otherwise they get lost in the fair.  Go for something with movement that will move with the hair and with the face as you express yourself.  When you wear your hair in an up-do, you have the opportunity to make a strong statement on the ear lobe itself – large baroque pearl clips or bold diamond on-the-ear styles.  But when you wear it long, go for movement and flow – keeping in mind the perfect length of the dangle, according to your face shape.


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Be Yourself

Be true to who you are!  Variety is the spice of life and there is no need to deny your true fashion personality to be in vogue or on trend… Here are a few examples of some fashion personalities and how best to express them with earrings.


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If you like big, bold and sassy looks… go for it!  Just keep in mind your face shape and hair style and select a bold style accordingly.  For example, if you have a round face shape with a cute sassy bob, select a shiny bold button style earring or a thicker style of hoop earring.  If you have an oval face shape and wear your hair long, add some drama with an extra-long dangle or styles with lots of movement.



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If you prefer minimalism and petite or vintage looks, embrace your feminine side with lacy styles and tiny studs or small drop pearls or gemstones.  Even an oblong face shape can be accented with a thin stiletto style earring to keep it simple but also enhance the shape of the face.



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If you go for super chic tailored looks, less is more for your earring styles.  Embrace single colored stone earrings as opposed to chandeliers styles and enjoy the versatility of a classic all-gold earring.



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Embrace your inner traveler with exotic gemstones or unusual colors of pearls.  For round face shapes, with shorter low maintenance hair styles, try Tahitian pearls in a clip style or darker colors of diamonds and gemstones.

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