How To Really Wear Jewelry

In today’s world of transient pleasures and fleeting experiences, jewelry is something permanent, even an heirloom. Often associated with nature, jewelry helps us reconnect to the world around us and brings a smile to our face – and we don’t need an excuse for wanting to smile. So let’s see how to wear jewelry to best effect.

Jewelry As Your Trademark

You may have a certain affinity for a particular type of jewelry. Be it a particular stone or metal – it need not be precious; a specific type of jewelry – rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets; or a distinct way of wearing your jewelry – a single “killer” piece or multiple pieces; layered or twisted, as a complement to your main look or as the central look itself. Just as every person has a different appearance and personality, so too the permutations and variations of wearing jewelry to reflect a look or character are endless.

However, irrespective of your own style, there are certain ways to wear jewelry that have passed the test of time and for good reason – they work. Sometimes it’s not worth trying to reinvent the wheel, you should just roll along the path of least resistance.

Ring, Ring

Your hands are active at all times. Answering your phone, gesticulating, washing dishes, raising a glass, or caressing a loved one; your hands are always “in play.” Consequently, they are a constant focus of attention and a ring or rings are the best way to show them off.

The length of fingers and hand shape should determine how you wear rings. Rings can help hide the imperfections in our hands and create allusions of length and proportion. The shape of the ring, size of the ring, width of the band, color of the metal or stone (or both), and ring combination on the hand or on a specific finger create different looks for your hands and yourself. Play with the combinations and you are sure to find your own optimal look, for work or play.


Practical Ring-Wearing Tips

  • Knuckleduster anyone? Definitely not for the meek, but one enormous jaw-dropping ring can make a real impact with jeans or a cocktail dress.
  • Layers – the layered look with multiple thin, stacked rings provides an interesting contrast and can always be changed for a different effect.
  • Keep it minimalist – no need to go over-the-top and wear rings on every finger; on the contrary, as a rule of thumb, adorn one finger on each hand.
  • A general tip – if you want to show off your hands with rings, make sure your hands are worth showing off. This doesn’t mean that you need a daily manicure but well maintained hands do reflect on you.


Chaining Yourself Up

A necklace is the perfect accessory for any outfit or it can even be the main event. As is the case with most things in life, context is everything. An attorney is best advised to go for a more conservative look with thin necklaces but an advertising executive can probably get away with a layered, boho, hippie-chick vibe – or anything else which takes her fancy.

You can wear a choker, a long, draping necklace, or anything in between. You can tone up a demure blouse or tone down a more colorful T-shirt – the possibilities and looks are endless.




Practical Necklace-Wearing Tips

  • If you wear a choker, it should be the only jewelry you wear.
  • A shorter hemline demands a shorter necklace just as a long dress or frock is best matched up with a draping necklace.
  • A layered look is great but don’t use too many necklaces and make sure that your combinations “work.”


The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

And nothing is going to get people to focus more on your face and eyes than earrings. Earrings frame your face and draw attention. They may be small (or not) but they can pack plenty of punch. From the extremes of tiny studs to enormous hoops, there is plenty of room for you to make a statement with earrings. Different colors accent your eyes and complexion.


Practical Earring-Wearing Tips

  • Stud earrings are great for everyday wear and can be glammed up with a diamond or, for something a little bit different, a pearl.
  • Chandelier earrings should be the sole focus of attention, so don’t overdo it with too many other dominant pieces of jewelry if you want to pull off this look to best effect.
  • Drop earrings are the middle ground that can be toned up or down to suit any face or occasion.


Brace Yourself

The variation in bracelets is something to behold. From thin bangles to thick cuffs, your arms are definitely well catered for in the adornment stakes. Charm bracelets are always; pardon the pun, charming; especially when the charm has a precious stone or two…

Whether you opt for an armful of thin, multi-colored bangles or one signature piece, and depending on whether you are wearing long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves at all, you can accent your arms as much or as little as you like.


Practical Bracelet-Wearing Tips

  • If you decide to go for the stacked looked, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself…
  • When mixing and matching, don’t mix more than two different colors of metal.
  • Just like a choker with a necklace, a cuff stands alone as a statement piece.


It’s Finally Time to Broach the Subject

There are women who consider brooches to be old fashioned. Well, they can be if you want them to be. But they can also be fun and loud and announce to the world, “Here I am!” The choice, as always, is all yours. Brooches are far from being fuddy duddy, and they need not be a large, “look at me” piece to make an impact; they just need the correct outlet for them to do their bit.


Practical Brooch-Wearing Tips

  • Use a brooch to tie your scarf or even embellish your designer jeans by attaching it to your belt loop?
  • Use multiple, smaller brooches to interesting effect.
  • Soften your more androgynous pieces with a brooch.

Jewelry is the perfect form for self-expression in what has become a more homogeneous world. It allows you to change your look without changing your appearance and exercise your imagination and flair in ways that you may not be able to otherwise. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth either – a guilty indulgence with no guilt involved.

Just remember, irrespective of your jewelry choices and your own personal style of wearing jewelry, it is vital that you have fun with it and wear your jewelry with confidence; as nothing is more seductive or appealing than a confident woman.

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