How to Style Your Pearl Jewelry

The first in a series of pearl styling tips. In each article Cissy Zhang will provide some fashion tips and ideas on styling a full pearl look, from head to toe.

By Cissy Zhang, fashion blogger

Seductive Sapphire & Diamonds Gold Ring

This seductive sapphire color is perfect to brighten up a black and white outfit. We all have those certain days where we don’t feel like standing out too much and resort to wearing black or grey. So on those days, you can still stand out silently with a gorgeous sapphire ring. You can try a plain white shirt or a simple lace piece or an all-black outfit. I would wear it with a simple black and white outfit. This ring is so detailed and noticeable that you can just wear it with anything simple. You can lay back and relax as the sapphire and diamonds do all the talking.

seductivesapphire new

Radiant Freshwater Coin Pearl & Diamond Gold Earrings

These pearl and diamond earrings are so graceful and stylish that they will make any outfit look elegant and modern. You can pretty much wear them with anything. But why not try something a little different and wear them with a bright and colorful outfit. All pink, if you dare. Pearls are all about class and elegance, so remember to keep your outfit bright but simple. Just remember to add your gorgeous pearls, an oversized sun hat and some classy sunglasses to make the look that extra bit more stylish.


Radiantpearl new


Breathtaking Brown Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Gold Ring

Pearl, diamonds and gold. What more could you ask for? This magnificent ring screams to be seen. Why not be a little daring and wear it with something just as bright and sparkly. I’m talking about sequins. The shimmer and sparkle of a sequin piece will accentuate this diamond and pearl ring. Wearing sequins can be tricky, so my tip would be to aim for a sophisticated look. Match your sequins with a structured blazer or a long skirt or anything that will dim it down a notch. A classy sequin look together with this golden brown ring will bring the house down.


Breathtaking Brown Tahitian Pearl new


Stunning Yellow Sapphire Gold Bracelet

This elegant sapphire and gold bracelet should be paired with an outfit just as stunning and elegant. This bracelet looks so delicate and light and needs to be worn with something strong and contrasting. You can’t go wrong with a perfect little black dress and a piece of faux fur. A look of elegance and sophistication topped off with this graceful sapphire and gold bracelet is just perfect.

Stunning Yellow Sapphire Gold Bracelet new

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