How to Use Your Pearls and Keep Them Beautiful Always!

By Priscila Diniz,


Pearls epitomize ladylike chic and iconic status: Think Coco Chanel, who was never seen without a strand, or Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City.” Once a symbol of royalty, pearls — cultured or natural — are now available to anyone looking to add classic style to their ensemble. A strand of pearls is an elegant piece of jewelry that can pair perfectly with your most elegant gown or your simplest casual wear. Knowing how to wear pearls is the key, and the main principle is keeping the look simple.




Formal occasions

When going for a black-tie affair, don’t overdress yourself in other jewelry. Just wear a nice pearl string with your little black dress, and you have yourself a classy elegant look. A pearl necklace, simple pearl earrings and a pearl ring are always a great paring with formal wear. But watch out for the double-strand choker necklace, as that would look a bit too traditional.




Pearls are also perfect for jeans, a casual blouse, bodycon wrap dresses or even simple T-shirts (not sporty ones). Select a long pearl necklace and layer it to create a fashionable look, or just mix the beaded necklace with other necklaces in different lengths and styles for an ultra chic look, just be sure that you don’t go too heavy on the bling or you may be mistaken for a rapper.

At A Wedding

If a bride or bridesmaid are wearing a pearl necklace, it should be at least one inch above the neckline so it will not look as if it is going to fall into the dress.


Among all the jewelry that we possess, pearls are always different, not only the way they are formed but also how they add elegance when we put them on. There are actually many kinds of pearls. The joy we feel when we have a pearl which was formed in the depths of the ocean inside an oyster, is simply mesmerizing. Owning a masterpiece of nature is an incredible experience, but one must take the necessary precautions for pearl jewelry care, so that their beauty never fades away!

How to Clean and Care for Pearls?

Always use a SOFT lint free cloth or silicon cloth to wipe the pearl surface after every use. Never use a cloth which has harsh or abrasive material, it will harm the pearl surface.
While cleaning the pearls, you can moisten the cloth with plain water if you want. You can also use solutions which contain mild soaps and are recommended for pearl cleaning. But make sure that the pearls are completely dried naturally before you store them.
Never use a solution which has harsh detergents, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine or vinegar or citric acid, hairspray, perfumes, etc. These affect the nacre of the pearls and makes them dull.

Always wear your pearl jewelry after you are done with your make up and perfumes. This is because the creams and perfumes might contain harmful chemicals that can harm the pearls.
If you wear a pearl ring, make sure you take it off before applying your daily hand cream or moisturizer, or even before washing your hands.
If you swim a lot, make sure to remove the pearls before entering the pool, as chlorine proves to be very harmful for the nacre.
Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners to clean your pearl jewelry.
If your pearl jewelry has lost its shine and luster, consider wiping them gently with a little olive oil on a soft cloth. This can help revive the shine and luster of the pearls.

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