Isaac Levy on Nature, Inspiration, and Success

Find something that you love and be passionate about it – this is a well-known recipe for success. And it is a recipe that has worked like magic for Isaac Levy, half of the husband and wife design team behind Yvel.

Isaac first found the love for his wife, Orna, and together they discovered their passion for pearls and designing stunning pearl jewelry. After 28 years in the industry and as winners of the prestigious Centurion Design Award for the Pearl category for the fourth consecutive year, Isaac knows a thing or two about what it takes to make stunning jewelry with their stone of choice.

In this interview with Isaac, discover his views on pearls, pearl jewelry, and what it takes to be a serial design success.


Isaac and Orna Levy

1.     What was the inspiration behind this award-winning necklace?

Our artistic inspirations usually come from nature, and always stem from our passion for designing wearable works of art, jewelry that speaks to the ‘woman of the world.’

Isaac Levy notes, “I love surprising my women time after time with unexpected pieces of joy that I lay in front of them and then observe the way they react…”

This particular piece is simply one of Yvel’s newest gems from the “One of a kind” collection. We do not design our jewels for any particular competition.


2.     What made you decide to create pieces using freshwater pearls?

In today’s world, we find fresh water pearls to be more exciting – much larger than before, with AMAZING colors and beautiful luster, yet very affordable pricing.

3.     What other materials will you be using in your collection this year?

This year, Yvel will be launching a new and very exciting line of wild pearls with yellow gold in combinations that were NEVER seen before…gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to make an impact in the global retail market.

4.     How do you think the pearl jewelry market will perform this year compared to last?

The great thing about the pearl world is that it is the fastest, most dynamic, changing category in the gem world.


In the last 30 years, the trend pendulum has swung from a preference for round Akoya pearls, to white South Sea pearls, then to black or Tahitian pearls.  Then, the golden hues became popular. Next, about 10 years ago, the world was introduced to Baroque South Sea pearls, introducing intriguing new shapes to the market. Not long after, fresh water pearls brought enticing new colors, and today, we have the most amazing baroque fresh water pearls ever.  Today’s fresh water baroque pearls are beautifully innovative and unique, and they come with very affordable price tags, creating a whole new demand for pearls among the younger generations.

These constant changes in colors, shapes and styles of pearls keep me, as a designer, on my toes all the time, making sure to continually reinvent myself and my pearl collections over and over again…

I believe that the best is yet to come!

When Isaac discusses pearls and the shifting trends in pearl jewelry he becomes visibly animated. His passion shines through and it is obvious that pearls and how to best utilize them in Yvel’s works of wearable art comes from deep within his very fiber.

5.     Are you anticipating an increase in pearl prices?

The pearl market hit rock bottom recently, and I believe that we will begin to see price increases in this upcoming season, starting in spring when the new pearl auctions will open.

6.     Do you expect the supply of gem-quality goods to be tighter this year?

I believe that the pearl market prices will start increasing this year, including the gem quality pearls.   I look forward to finding my next inspiration and hopefully designing yet another award winner!  Mother Nature does it best. We simply follow her lead.

When an industry veteran like Isaac talks, it is definitely worth listening. And when the dynamic design duo of Isaac and Orna Levy use their deep knowledge of the pearl and jewelry market to design something new and special, it is time to sit up and take notice – just like their peers do.

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