It’s Spring! And Bold Hair Colors are All the Rage

Spring is in the air and it brings up images of blossoming trees and flowers, green grass, and a rainbow of radiant colors. Pastels are often what comes to mind when one thinks about spring colors, but this spring the dominant colors are taking a whole new direction; both in terms of the colors that will be prominent as well as how they will be displayed. This spring is all about, wait for it, bold hair colors. We are not talking about loud highlights or even streaks, but rather, full-blown dyed hair in a way that every strand is encompassed in rich and trendsetting color.

molly sims

Molly Sims                Before                                                                                  After

The Trend

The runway is being taken over by a particular trend: vibrant red, sizzling caramel brown, and pearl-white shiny heads of hair, almost like those snap-on/snap-off hair pieces that come with the little Lego people. The unnaturalness of it all is what makes it a fashion statement. Gone is the attempted “natural” highlight look with a myriad of hair tones and in its place is the finite daring color that says “I made my hair color what I want it to be.”

rihanna2Rihanna image by avrilllllla

The Implications

What does this brave new look mean for the fashion industry? Well, firstly it gives hair color all the power, with much less of an emphasis on haircuts and styles and of course head and hair accessories. Secondly, the rest of one’s look either needs to boldly contrast with the loud hair shade, or alternatively, blend in neutrally. We have already seen the fluorescents being paired together, so here we have the opportunity to collaborate bold hair with a bold-colored dress, jewelry, or other sort of ensemble. Or, the hair can become the main attraction, leaving the rest of one’s getup to take the back burner.

Hair Color Over the Years

There is something to adding color to one’s hair that has made it a thing long before what we now know as hair dyes and color enhancers. Hair coloring dates back to ancient times where materials such as henna were used to transform one’s natural hair color. The various hues that our hair displays change mainly based on our culture and the current fashion styles. Now that we have the opportunity to go bold, why not? Hair dyes are not what they used to be and there is much less of a risk bringing a bit of color to our natural locks.

Fashion trends come and go, but this one may be here to stay for a while. Even if it’s not, why not embrace that inner color in you by showcasing it through your hair? The sky is the limit in terms of color options, so go with it and have a blast!

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