Jewelry IS Art – Yvel at SOFA Chicago

By Isaac Levy, Yvel founder & designer

It is always interesting and refreshing to receive an objective perspective of your work.

On the one hand, as a sort of pioneer in my field holding my own unique convictions, it is tempting to have a devil may care attitude. However, notwithstanding the fact that I have complete confidence in the jewelry/art that Yvel creates, I am always eager to hear the enlightening comments of others.


Today I want to bring you the writings of Sandy Chu, Assistant Editor, Retail at WGSN and Co-Founder of Creative Collective following our meeting at the recently held SOFA Chicago (Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design). I appreciate the time she took to get to know Yvel the brand and myself, as well as her encouraging comments about our jewelry.


“There is jewelry for leaders and jewelry for followers” Isaac Levy says. “And the only thing I follow in my life, besides my wife, is my gut feelings. In all the rest, I lead.”

The Yvel collection is a unique jewelry collection, not only for its unusual pearls and gems, but also for the courage of the designer to use his gems and talent, creating pieces that have never been seen before by combining the fruits of the sea and land in exotic and mysterious ways.

I met Isaac Levy, founder and designer of Yvel during the last art show in Chicago – SOFA. He was busy dressing one of his beautiful customers – a tall, black lady; with his new Tahitian Keshi collection. “Twenty years ago, I used to undress women; today, I can only dress them up – with my jewelry of course.” He laughs and the lady laughs with him and responds, “No wonder.”

She ends up buying a gorgeous natural Keshi necklace for close to $40,000 and promises Isaac to come back for the second necklace when her husband returns from overseas.

“I love it when these women come to me to chat and tell me that they have been there and done that. These moments manage to get the best out of me.” Isaac smiles, “When I end up dressing them with one of my creations, they become mine forever.”

The show is one of the best known art shows in the US, with a large amount of glass artists, art dealers, and painters. Isaac Levy and his company, Yvel, are an exception – a high-end jeweler in the middle of an art show.

“Initially, the organizers didn’t want me to present,” Isaac tells me. “When they explained to me that this is an art show, I told the organizer that I’d like to meet the person who said that art should only be hung on walls.”  ‘I don’t understand,’ I said to the organizer, ‘Why can’t art be hung on a beautiful neck, or a sexy earlobe?’  At that moment, the organizer’s wife walked in to the office, hugged me and told her husband that she is a big fan of my work. The rest is history,” Isaac laughs.

At SOFA, Yvel presented their new 2015 collection called Natural Passion. It was designed by Orna and Isaac Levy and will be featured in their upcoming flagship boutique in Miami.


The collection features their latest pearl and gem creations that will initially be found at their new boutique, and later on their strikingly chic new website.



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