Keep Up With the Trends – Beach Wear 2014

Summer is fast approaching and to keep up with the hottest trends, we’ve asked one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Cissy Zhang, to tell us what to wear to the beach this coming season. Here are three scorching hot beach fashion trends you absolutely have to know about.

By Cissy Zhang, fashion blogger

Photography: Alf Heim



Retro is back in! So grab your red lipstick and diva sunglasses and head out to the beach. A bustier top and super high-waisted bottoms will give you that curvy derriere and thin waist that makes a girl look fabulous. Add red lipstick to tell the world that you are lying on the sand with class. I am always looking for an excuse to wear lipstick everywhere I go and the beach is now the perfect place. My little tip to complete the look is to add a silk scarf. I’m wearing my favorite Oroton scarf for this retro look. You can either tie it around your neck or use as a head scarf to complete the look. I guess history does repeat itself. This summer see be the return of the Grace Kellys and Marylin Monroes to the beaches.

Button Down

button down

Spring 2014 runways have shown us that there is more than one way to button up a shirt. Fasten the top button at the collar and leave the rest to flow. This is a chic and easy trend. A white shirt over a white bikini set is timeless. It is one of my favorite beach cover up looks. Any type of shirt will do. Floral, lace, denim or colorful. Just mix and match over your swimsuits. For this look, I’m wearing one of my favorite shirts that I wear to the office. This way, I have it all planned so that after work I can just pop by the beach without needing to grab extra cover up clothes.



If you are thinking of adding something new to your swimwear collection, go tribal. Tribal prints are fun, exotic and new. There is so much variety to choose from. From bright geometric patterns, to Aztec prints, to something out of a kaleidoscope. My suggestion for this trend it to add some feathers or animal prints to spice up the look. The tribal look makes me think of a pool party in a desert oasis with tropical fruits and ethnic music. It is a fun, fashionable look.


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