Mila Kunis Sports Large Engagement Ring

Fans of the hit show That 70s Show will be thrilled to know that two of the stars, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, have not only become an item, but they are now engaged to be married. The two began dating about two years ago, shortly after Ashton split from his ex-wife, actress Demi Moore. Ashton was a favorite on the show and continued on to big things, including being a huge presence on social media networks and platforms as well as serving as a reputable investor in technology-related companies. Mila experienced some difficulties over the years but has overcome the hardships and blossomed into a beautiful mature woman.


The Proposal

Ashton and Mila have been pretty open about their relationship since it went public nearly two years ago. If it weren’t for Ashton’s messy divorce with actress Demi Moore, he might have popped the question even sooner. Ashton proposed to the gorgeous Mila while his family was visiting California for Mila’s 30th birthday celebration. How could anyone say no to Ashton’s handsome face? The rumors about their engagement have spread a few times already but only in February Mila was spotted sporting the new ring. And she’s worn her engagement ring on several occasions since.

The Ring and Wedding Plans

Ashton may be a non-traditional guy in his lifestyle and the choices he makes, but when it comes to marriage, Ashton is as traditional as they come. He asked Mila’s father for her hand in marriage, since he wanted to do it right from start to finish. The ring is a simple band with a solitaire rock, without any embellishments. The wedding has not been planned yet but it will surely be on the simple side, yet extremely classy.

Die-hard Ashton/Demi fans worldwide were pretty devastated when the couple parted ways, but were comforted when the former TV flames, Jackie and Kelso, reunited, this time in reality. This news of their engagement is just the icing on top. We wish the pair of lovebirds nothing but the best!

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