Olsen Twin, Mary Kate, Gets Engaged

Every celebrity engagement warrants acknowledgmentmary kate, but one involving an actress who has been in the industry since she was nine-months-old and who is engaged to someone who is significantly older than her definitely needs to be put on a pedestal. Mary Kate Olsen, of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, is now officially engaged to Olivier Sarkozy, the half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The unconventional relationship received much criticism prior to the couple’s engagement, which continued after they announced their plans to wed.
The Story

Twenty-seven year old Mary Kate began dating the older Frenchman two years ago. Their relationship raised many eyebrows, as he is seventeen years older than Olsen, and a father to two almost teenage children. Olivier, a forty-four year old man from France, who works in finance and investments, met the former child star and sparks flew. Despite the controversy the two have decided to start a life together.

The Diamond

Very much in the pampered, fashion designer Mary Kate Olsen style, Olsen’s Cartier engagement ring does not disappoint. With a price tag of $81,000 the ring boasts a 4-carat European cut diamond, as well as sapphires and diamonds. The ring has both a vintage and a contemporary appeal to it.

Mary Kate Over the Years

Mary Kate Olsen first appeared on TV when she was only nine-months old, along with her twin sister Ashley. The twins played Michelle Tanner, the youngest of three daughters to a widower, played by Bob Saget. It quickly became apparent that both girls had a real talent, and it was only a matter of time before the whole world fell in love with them. Though the show was a smashing success, it only lasted eight seasons. Nevertheless, the girls found work right away, starring in film after film and series after series. As Mary Kate and her sister grew older, their sense of style became a point for interest to many. It wasn’t long before they pursued careers in fashion designing and started clothing lines. Mary Kate made headlines a few years back due to her anorexia, which she has supposedly since recovered from.

Despite the large age gap, the two lovebirds seem very happy together. It cannot have been easy for Mary Kate, growing up in the spotlight, and sharing it with her practically identical twin sister. Now she is truly starting a new chapter in her life that she can call her own.

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