Pearl Care and Cleaning Guide

Pearls, just like diamonds and other gemstones, need to be cleaned and cared for from time to time. Taking care of your pearls will ensure that they look their best all of the time. After all, priceless gems such as pearls deserve to be taken care of. Here is a quick guide for cleaning your pearls.

  1. Always remove pearl rings before applying hand cream and lotion. The various creams will not only make your pearls dirty but they can take away from its shine and beauty.
  2. It is best to put on pearl jewelry only after applying makeup and perfume in order not to get your pearls all grimy and have them exposed to potentially harmful substances.
  3. If your pearls are dirty, you can clean them with a simple water and soap solution, but never with an abrasive cleaner (such as ammonia and harsh detergents) or cleaning materials since they can both remove the delicate nacre layer from the pearl’s substance.
  4. After wearing your pearls, you should wipe them with a dry, soft cloth, or a slightly damp one and leave it to air dry before putting it back in its place.
  5. Pearls should not be kept with other jewelry items because they can get scratched. They should be stored in their own compartment, or alternatively, in a soft cloth bag.
  6. In order to keep your pearl necklace in the best shape, it should be restrung from time to time so that the string does not wear out, which could put the pearls at risk for getting damaged or lost.
  7. Ultrasonic cleaners should never be used to clean pearls.
  8. Pearls should never be steam-cleaned.
  9. Pearl necklaces should not be hung or worn when the string is wet, as wet strings tend to stretch and can attract dirt that is difficult to remove.
  10. Pearl jewelry of all sorts should not be worn with rough fabrics.

Pearls are very soft and delicate stones that need proper care. If you are unsure how to care for your pearls, turn to a professional jeweler who offers jewelry cleaning services. Professional cleaners will know exactly how to clean your pearls without harming them in any way.

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