Pearls Come Out of Their Shell – 9 Essential Fashion Tips

Pearls are the most unique of precious gems. As the only precious gem to emanate from a living organism, pearls are a unique breath of fresh air to the jewelry market. The breadth of choice in pearls is rather astounding; whether it is the shape, size, or color, there is a type of pearl to suit every taste, personality, outfit, skin tone, shape of face or finger, and budget.

Pearls do have a look and life all of their own and following are some tips about how to wear jewelry in general and pearl jewelry in particular. Keep pearls in mind the next time you want to stand out from the crowd.

How to Wear Pearls

1. Luminous lengths – at Yvel we say, “we are not your grandmother’s pearls.” We love the look of longer pearl strands, with a bit of sparkling color thrown in for added drama and dare anyone to call the look of our pearls “old fashioned.”


2. Brighten up the face – pearls worn high on the neck and close to the face truly reflect all the shimmer and luminosity of a woman’s face.  Wearing a choker or short pearl necklace gives an instant, and painless, facelift as the radiance of high quality pearls literally brightens up the face of any woman who wears them.


3. Cover the lobes – Large, beautiful baroque pearl stud earrings, worn high on the earlobe and close to the face, can cover any damage to the lobe (that may have ensued from years of heavy earring use) and bring light and radiance to the face.  To really accentuate the look, make sure that the earrings are clipped close to the chin line so as to flatter the jaw and draw attention inward to your face.

AFI FEST 2009 Screening of Precious: Based on the Novel 'PUSH' by Sapphire

Mary J Blige wearing Yvel with Oprah Winfrey. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Get the Look – Layering 101

4. More is more!  One long chain can make a simple and dignified statement, but layering two long chains evokes a more fashion-forward feel as the movement of chains captures the eye and brings attention the neckline.

5.  Variety is the spice of life! Be sure to layer chains with complementary shapes or similar styles but don’t combine chains that are too similar – tasteful blending and contrast is good; no contrast is boring. Mix station chains with link chains or add some spice to a basic gold chain by layering in a colorful gemstone pendant.

6. Avoiding the clash…  When layering various bracelets or neck chains, be sure to go for an overall style. For example, laying varying colors of gold can work, but only if the styling of the chains is complementary.  Bohemian mesh styles or antiqued or blackened links rarely work well with geometric high polish link chains. Instead, throw in a long pearl strand with your antiqued finish gold chains – it will add a stylish twist that is greater than the sum of its parts but also showcases each piece to best effect. Also, use complementary sizes – smaller gemstones work well with smaller link chains and larger motifs like baroque pearls work well with big open links.


Complementary Carats – How to Mix and Match Tastefully

7. Avoid conflict jewelry – we’ve all heard of conflict diamonds but did you know about conflict jewelry? Avoid mixing hard surfaces (metal bangles or watches) with pearls or semi-precious gemstones as the repeated bumping and rubbing can scratch the surface of the pearls or the softer gemstones.  Precious stones like diamonds and sapphires are harder and more durable and consequently less likely to scratch.  When stacking bangles or watches with stone bracelets, use your diamond tennis bracelet or a multi-color sapphire bracelet to enhance the stacked look at the wrist.

Scarlett Johansson Attends Mango New Collection Launch Party In Madrid

Scarlett Johanson attends Mango new collection launch party in Madrid wearing Yvel earrings. photo by Fotonoticias/WireImage

8. Color coordinate – think of the color scale – ROY G BIV as well as the color wheel we all played with in grade school.  Select colors that enhance and complement each other, as opposed to hues that clash or compete with each other.  Warmer shades of yellow, red, or orange often mix well with greens, browns and earth tones, as well as yellow gold.  Cooler shades like blue, purple, and white pair well with silver, black, and white metals.

9. Mix your metals – times change and so too do the trends and fashion conventions. Grandma’s rule about not mixing metals is history. These days, bridal white metals and watches are now glamorously paired with rose gold and yellow gold to stunning effect; a two-tone piece is often used as the “bridge” to pull the entire look together.  Burnished, blackened, and antiqued metal styles can also bring together various shades of metals.



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