The Perfect Imperfection

Humankind always coveted perfection. For me, the imperfections in nature are exactly what perfection is all about…

This, in a nut shell, is what baroque pearls represent in my jewelry designing world; as well as in my personal life.


Baroque pearls ring


For thousands of years the perfectly round, white pearl was the symbol of perfection.

As a child, I grew up with the understanding that I was not that round perfect pearl. At school, I was not the sharpest pencil in the case; I was very insecure and for the most part, no one paid any attention to the kid that emigrated from Argentina to Israel with the funny accent and strange clothing. I was a typical baroque pearl in a world where everyone sought round, perfect pearls.

Two decades later, I met a beautiful round and perfect pearl, who eventually became my wife. (To this day, my wife Orna claims that she was a baroque pearl, but I see it differently.)  Together we had started to build our personal and business life.




Orna came from a well-known family of pearl jewelers (Moussaieff). She taught me everything she knew about pearls. She was my first teacher and managed to plant the seed of passion for pearls in my heart.

At that time, during the mid-80s, round pearls were in huge demand. During one of our pearl farms visits, Orna and I saw how everyone was fighting to get their hands on the round pearls. In one corner of the pearl farmer’s shack was a basket into which the pearl farmer would intermittently throw some pearls while working on his pearl harvest. I asked him why was he throwing those pearls into the basket and his answer was, “They are not round and not perfect – they are baroque pearls.” I went to that basket and saw myself among many of my baroque friends – that was the moment when I fell in love with baroque pearls.

From that time, we started designing jewelry solely with baroque pearls; enhancing the beauty of nature by caressing the baroque pearls with gold and diamonds, always leaving the pearl as the center of our creations.


Baroque pearls bracelet


By augmenting the “imperfection” of the baroque pearl, we practically manage to create the perfect and most beautiful pearl jewelry that is highly respected by people looking for that different and unusual piece of art.

Today, more than 28 years later, the world has started to understand what Orna and I saw almost three decades earlier, and the jewelers that used to work with round pearls started to use baroque pearls instead.

Baroque pearls have become to Orna and I not only a gem that we design with, but more importantly the philosophy of our lives. When we look for people to join the Yvel team, we don’t look for that perfect diamond setter or the best goldsmith, we look for that baroque human being that no one is paying attention to. We enhance their beauty and qualities by devoting attention to them, just as we do with our pearls.

Today, Orna and I are parents to two wonderful and beautiful baroque pearls of our own – our children Chen and Aviv. And thanks to them, we have become a different and unusual 4 baroque pearl family strand….


Baroque pearls necklace


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