Sink Inside the Depths of Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Take your baby by the wrist
And in her mouth an amethyst
And in her eyes two sapphires blue
And you need her and she needs you

Wang Chung, “Dance Hall Days”

Ask anyone to mention expensive gemstones and chances are that diamonds will be at the top of the list. Then, in no particular order, will follow rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. In fact, sapphires are considered one of the four precious gemstones – and this has always been the case.

Used as one of the twelve precious stones set in the Israelite High Priest’s breastplate of the during his service in the Holy Temple, the sapphire and its intoxicating blue color has been coveted for centuries. And just like the stunning blue eyes of a beautiful lady, a truly amazing blue sapphire can leave you entranced and mesmerized.

Sapphire is a form of corundum and minute trace elements within the stone determine the color. In the case of blue sapphires, iron and titanium are the trace elements that are present.

Blue Sapphires and the Stars

Blue sapphire jewelry has been in great demand for centuries and it simply never goes out of style. When Lady Diana Spencer, later to be adored by one and all as Princess Di, became engaged to Prince Charles, her ring featured a 12 carat oval blue diamond surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, set in 18-karat white gold. This is the same ring that Diana’s eldest son, Prince William, presented to his fiancé, Kate Middleton, when they became engaged.

And from English royalty to Hollywood royalty. The late Elizabeth Taylor was famed for her blue eyes as well as her jewelry collection. Among her collection was a diamond-and-sapphire sautoir necklace featuring a 321 carat blue sapphire pendant as well as a couple of sapphire engagement rings. And from Hollywood royalty to the King of Kings; in the Book of Exodus as well as Ezekiel (24:10; 1:26), God’s throne is described as the color of a sapphire – not a bad little comparison for this blue stone to have.

A well cut, high quality, (preferably untreated) blue sapphire is both a valuable and magnificent stone to behold. It is even more stunning when set in an appropriate piece of jewelry that will always be a statement piece.

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