Sophisticated, elegant, enticing: the Satin Sea Collection


Slip into simple sophistication with these fashion-forward styles that fuse the best from the land and the sea to create lasting beauty and eye-catching impact.
Featuring South Sea and Fresh Water baroque pearls beautifully caressed with satin finish 18K gold, this new addition to the Satin Sea collection is both elegant and enticing.

Master goldsmiths in the Yvel Design Center in Jerusalem hand craft gold accents to caress, hug or curve the pearl, depends on its shape and whichever is most unique, interesting and alluring.  The result is immaculate organic aesthetics and true sophistication as each strand, ring, bracelet or earring is one-of-a-kind.


This collection also incorporates a new type of pearl – the so-called Soufflé pearl.  These pearls are much lighter in weight than most cultured pearls of similar size because the pearl farmers are inserting mud into the oyster, instead of nucleus, to kick-start the natural process of pearl production. The Soufflé pearls are also flatter in shape, offering strands that lie beautifully along the collar bone and bring brilliant luster to the face and eyes. These lighter weight pearls also allow larger sizes of drop earrings without any discomfort or earlobe damage.
Isaac and Orna Levy have a license to buy directly from the pearl farmers in the Far East.  Only about 125 people in the world have this exclusive access to the very best pearls before they go to auction.  Thus, Yvel is able to be the very first to bring exotic new pearls to the market, like the new Soufflé Fresh Water pearls.13

The newest gem in the Yvel jewelry line is an exciting, all-new gold link collection, featuring 18K gold with Yvels recognizable, hand-crafted satin finish that intermixes with a high polish finish.  The new Yvel gold line offers a series of innovative gold chains, set with precious stones or pearls.


The contemporary gold collection incorporates organic shapes in earrings, new styles of bracelets and a whole series of neck chains with exciting combinations, versatile clasps and removable drop pendants.  The sensual, organic aesthetics of satin finish gold gets a contemporary facelift with very moderate pricing.


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