Sultry and Captivating Smoky Quartz Jewelry

What picture enters your mind when reading or hearing the words “smoky quartz?”

Most of us know that quartz is a rather abundant material, although there are also semi-precious stones that are comprised of quartz. The “smoky” part of the term adds a dusky and almost romantic tinge to the mix. And that is more than likely the intent.

Smoky quartz runs the gamut of colors from gray, to brown. Think cognac, champagne, and whiskey and you’re heading in the right direction.

Smokey quartz is a very popular choice of stone for jewelry. The brown hues are warm and alluring. When set in yellow gold it makes for a perfect combination. The gray hues add a cooler element and are best set in white gold. Both gray and honey tones can be used to great effect when used in the same piece.

Smoky quartz rings make a real statement. A large ring with a stone of organic shape means that each piece is unique – and it is always nice knowing that you have something that is a one-off creation, something of which there is no identical copy.

Irrespective of the Season

Many people associate the brown tones with the tones of winter and the alcoholic spirits used to warm you during the colder climate. On the other hand, there are those who associate the brown tones with summer; after all, after basking in the sun, the color of your skin is usually brown. Similarly, although people associate gray with the cold, gray skies of winter; gray is also related to blue, and we all know what color the sky is in summer.

Smoky quartz is a stone for all seasons. Equally at home at a summer party or a winter gathering, smoky quartz jewelry is striking yet demure. It doesn’t scream out, “Come look at me,” but then again, it doesn’t have to. Smoky quartz gets noticed without even trying.

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