The Pearls That Make the Look – On the Red Carpet and Street Style

By Simona Kogan fashion blogger ( who has written for Time Out Israel, FashionTV  and more.

In the past, the pearls trend may have conjured up images of classic good girls and grannies, but that’s so not the case anymore. Pearls are back this summer and this of-the-moment trend comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it simply adds to the outfit or really makes it pop, pearls are a statement piece that can’t go wrong, no matter what your age.  Let’s check out how celebs make it a part of their look.

Long or Multi-Strand Necklace

A long stranded pearl necklace can become the focal point of your outfit, adding pizzazz while keeping the look classy.  If you’re interested in something more edgy than a 26-36 inch opera length piece, double or triple it up with a multi-strand necklace. You won’t be surprised to see celebs like Rihanna wearing something like this as it can easily become a trendy fashion statement that’s also quite delicate.


Rihanna wearing pearl multi strands at the Chanel Fall 2014 Runway


Rihanna wearing pearl multi strands at the Inglorious Bastards premiere


Chunky or Choker



Elle Fanning wearing pearl choker at the world premiere of Disney’s Maleficent


Elle Fanning might be young, but she sure knows how to wear her pearls in style. For a bit of edge, try chunky pearls on the neck or hand or a pearl choker, similar to the one Ms. Fanning wore to the Maleficent movie premiere. While already embellished in design, Fanning’s Elie Saab dress is only further enhanced by the choker with a pearl and diamonds setting.  Chunky pearl looks, like long strands, are meant to make the outfit stand out.

Pearl Accessories to Complement A Bold Look

Pearl accessories like bracelets and earrings are timeless pieces and can add a nice touch to any ensemble, even one that is just as bold on its own.  Kate Middleton’s red Luisa Spagnoli coat does all the talking and the pearl earrings only make it better.  Add pearls to a bright outfit or bold top to complement and not clash with the look .


Kate Middleton wearing pearl earrings during Royal visit to New Zealand


kate winslet

Kate Winslet wearing pearl earrings at the Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015



Michelle Obama on Red Carpet in London


Taylor Swift’s on the streets of London


Pearls, of course, are made for the classic girl. This is the girl that’s always put together, no matter what the circumstances. Think First Lady Michelle Obama alongside her husband at a gala event or Taylor Swift on a casual day out about town.  Both, of course who wear the classic pearl necklace as part of their signature look. Classic pearls certainly dress up a casual daytime outfit and boost a nighttime look, too.

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