The Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

One of the most common and noticeable ways in which individuals choose to express their individuality is through their hair color. A bold hair color choice can go a long way, but it can also be a very wrong move if one important factor is not taken into consideration: one’s skin tone. Here is a look at various skin tones and their most suitable hair colors.


Dark Skin: Go Dark Brown or Black

Many people around the world from a wide range of ethnicities have dark skin with warm undertones. This specific skin tone requires a dark brown or black hair color, which is generally the natural hair color that individuals with dark skin are born with. Those tempted to branch out to light colors should understand that it could look cool and stylish, though never natural. If black is the chosen hue, it is advised to include auburn highlights to soften the look and blend it in with the warm skin tone.


Warm Golden Locks for a Pale Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

Another common skin tone is one that is pale, with cool undertones. Generally, blonde hair accompanies pale complexions, but at the same time, since light hair is so easy to conceal, those with fair skin can be tempted to go dark. This should be done professionally and with care, as the stark contrast could draw even more attention to the paleness of the skin instead of distracting it with a warm and upbeat shade of blonde.


Auburn Red for Milky White Skin with Yellow Undertones

A less common but quite striking skin tone is one that is creamy white with yellow undertones, often joined by freckles. Redheads usually have such a complexion; therefore, auburn red is perfect for anyone with a milky skin tone. On the other hand, those with other skin tones should not attempt to adopt this fiery hair color, as it would not be enough of a contrast.


Olive Skin with Warm Undertones: Dark Brown is for You

If you have a dark olive skin tone with warm undertones, and not just plain dark skin, you should opt for a dark brown color and steer clear of blacks and blonds, as dark colors can be overbearing and light ones can draw out the greenness of your skin instead of completing it with a warm and soft touch.

Our hair and skin are not given their colors by chance, but rather, the two go together and work together. It is for this reason that hair colors should always be chosen based on one’s skin tone and not on a whim.


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