The Uniqueness of Keshi Pearls

Unless you have a bit of a background in pearls, chances are that you probably haven’t heard of Keshi Pearls, which is a great pity as they are not only beautiful but they are also rather unique.

So, what are Keshi Pearls and what makes them unique? Well, there is much information and disinformation regarding Keshi Pearls. Keshi Pearls are small, usually between 2-6mm, and can be from a saltwater or freshwater source. In fact, Keshi is a Japanese word for “poppy” or “poppy seed.”

The Keshi Pearl Difference

Keshi Pearls are unique in that they are the only pearl with a nucleus. Pearls are formed when a nucleus, usually comprised of columnar calcium carbonate in natural pearls or a bead in cultured pearls, is covered by layers of nacre – what the mollusk excretes to cover the nucleus and protect the pearl from the irritant that has entered its sanctuary.

Consequently, given that Keshi Pearls don’t have a nucleus, they are comprised solely of nacre. This means that what Keshi Pearls may lack in size, is more than compensated for in luster, as their luster is virtually incomparable, even by the highest quality cultured pearls.

And There’s More

However, it is not just their size and nucleus-free status that differentiates Keshi Pearls. Even though Keshi Pearls may be natural rather than cultured, they are all classified as cultured because it’s impossible to determine whether an individual Keshi Pearl grew by chance or due to being cultured via mantle insertion.

Keshi Pearls are often the by-products of pearl cultivation or deemed to be the second harvest of freshwater pearls. Therefore, Keshi Pearls come in all colors that are represented in the pearl family. Similarly, Keshi Pearls come in a diverse range of shapes from round to irregular and baroque.

Keshi Pearls in the World of Pearls

Keshi Pearls are highly respected in the world of pearls. Keshi pearl jewelry is in great demand due to its relative rarity and also due to the beauty and fineness of the pearls with their surface shimmer giving off an entrancing effect.

Keshi pearl earrings are in great demand as Keshi Pearls are the perfect size for stud or even drop earrings and demonstrate a texture that is in keeping with the area around the ear. However, Keshi Pearls are also used in the manufacture of beautiful necklaces and bracelets.


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