Yvel Wins the Centurion Design Award for Pearl Category

centurion-award-2014On February 2013, Yvel won the coveted Centurion Design Award for the Pearl category for the fourth year in a row.  The $50,000 winning design comprises a fusion of baroque fresh water Soufflé pearls set with 18K white gold on a handmade bracelet accented with white diamonds (photo below).  The piece is typical of the organic design aesthetic of Orna and Isaac Levy, owners and designers of Yvel.  The husband and wife design team seeks to enhance the unusual beauty in Nature, combining precious treasures from the sea and the earth into wearable works of art.

“I knew that this could possibly be one of the most beautiful pearl bracelets I’ve ever designed,” says Isaac Levy, designer and co-founder of the Yvel brand. “But I was quite certain that the chances of winning such a prestigious award for the fourth year in a row, would be very slim…simply because I have never heard of another designer winning any award four times in a row.  Orna and I humbly accept this award on behalf of the entire Yvel Family who continually contribute to our success.”

The award is one of a long line of design awards for the Levy design duo and their Yvel brand, which celebrated its 27th Anniversary in 2013.  This year marks the record-breaking fourth year in a row for Yvel to win the Centurion Design Award in the pearl category.  Because the Centurion awards are voted by the retailers attending the show, it is a highly prestigious honor bestowed by the retail jewelry industry itself.

This original, one-of-a-kind, award-winning bracelet will travel the world throughout the year and will be featured in all Yvel events during Isaac’s personal appearances around the world.


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